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  1. Patrick Murphy's loss to Marco Rubio was foreseeable — but not certain

    State Roundup

    PALM BEACH GARDENS — A defeat for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy was foreseeable for weeks, with his lingering chance for victory hinging primarily on one main factor: Hillary Clinton.

  2. Florida voters return Marco Rubio to the U.S. Senate


    Marco Rubio is headed back to the U.S. Senate with his prospects of another run for president intact.

  3. Patrick Murphy showing life in Senate race against Marco Rubio

    State Roundup

    Republican incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio remains favored to win a second term against Democrat Patrick Murphy, but for the first time in a couple of months, it feels like Rubio is no longer an overwhelming favorite.

  4. Marco Rubio's robotic debate answers, and uppercut punch, on the Donald Trump issue

    State Roundup

    At times Marco Rubio was, well, robotic. And Patrick Murphy was dazed by a punch.

  5. Imagine the tenor of 2016 with Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee

    State Roundup


    How many of the Republicans gathered Saturday night in Tampa, I wonder, had the same thought I did as Marco Rubio spoke to the annual state GOP Victory Dinner.

  6. Rubio and Murphy clash on absenteeism, Trump and resumes

    State Roundup

    ORLANDO — After weeks of sniping at each other on the campaign trail, Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy took swipes at each other Monday night in the first of two scheduled U.S. Senate debates before Election Day.