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  1. Cookbook review: The unique cookies in Dorie Greenspan's 'Dorie's Cookies' make for an instant classic


    One of the most fun things about sitting down with a new cookbook is bookmarking all the recipes to make first. With Dorie's Cookies, it didn't take long before too many of the pages were festooned with little flags: Pecan-Butterscotch Shortbread, Chocolate-Tahini Cookies, Coconut-Lime Sablés.

  2. From the food editor: Breakfast forms the major holiday food traditions in my house


    I don't have a ton of holiday food traditions. Growing up, and even now, we tended to have the same sort of fare for our Christmas dinner each year, influenced by my Protestant German grandparents: ham, applesauce, scalloped potatoes, that sort of thing.

  3. Readers share their holiday recipes, from appetizers to desserts


    Is it just me, or has 2016 felt like a particularly long year?

  4. Local chefs put their spin on readers' classic holiday recipes


    Readers have weighed in with their favorite holiday recipes, some haloed entertaining classics and others decidedly idiosyncratic family heirlooms. We asked a quartet of local chefs to put their own spins on reader write-ins — interpretations that showcase each chef's unique style and that just might breathe fresh …

  5. From the food editor: Eight things to know about the recently released Beaujolais Nouveau


    Every year, around the third week in November, we celebrate a very special holiday.

  6. Cookbook review: 'Cúrate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen'


    On a chilly night in Asheville, N.C., my husband and I walked up to a restaurant with an amber glow. Inside the cozy Cúrate, the crowd buzzed with people high on jamon. The restaurant's name translates to "cure yourself," and though nothing ailed us as we celebrated our first anniversary, dinner at Katie Button's …

  7. A look inside some of Tampa Bay's various cooking classes


    The wine had started flowing long before class began.

  8. Food hack: How to freeze leftover broth for easy use later


    Useful for: Saving leftover broth

    What you need: an ice cube tray, leftover broth or stock, a freezer

  9. Five recipe ideas for leftover Thanksgiving turkey


    The first thing I do after Thanksgiving is pop a container of carved turkey into the freezer. In my house, we always plan on having a lot of leftovers, but I know we're going to get sick of all that turkey after a few days — or not be able to eat it all before it goes bad (that's about three or four days). …

  10. Embrace bean water for a lower-calorie whipped topping


    Today I'm going to ask you to have a little faith when I share a recipe for a lower-calorie whipped cream whose main ingredient is garbanzo bean juice.

New #CookClub recipe: White Chicken Chili

This is a hearty and warming stew for this time of year.