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  1. Florida Orchestra concertmaster Jeffrey Multer shines as soloist


    TAMPA — Every year, some of the world's best violinists play on our stages. This year, young sensations Simone Porter and Benjamin Beilman wowed Florida Orchestra audiences. Early next year, Joshua Bell and Itzhak Perlman pass through the bay area.

  2. Review: 'Into the Woods' starts new tour at a pleasant if meandering walk


    TAMPA — The unmistakable imprint of Stephen Sondheim shines through from the prologue of Into the Woods, in which fairy tale characters confess their deepest desires.

  3. Stage Planner: 'The Great Gatsby' at Stageworks, 'The Nutcracker' by St. Petersburg Ballet



    In her early 20s, Lauren Buglioli stood on the threshold of a dream. A triple threat who had trained at the Lee Strasberg school and acted alongside Wesley Snipes in Unstoppable, as well as on British sitcoms, she was close to inking a contract with the soap …

  4. Column: Spending time with loved ones is the best gift


    Think about the last, oh, three things you got as gifts. Now think about who got them for you. Think about how you felt when you got them.

    Tough, right?

  5. Review: Familiarity aside, Show Palace Christmas show is a sweet holiday treat


    If you enjoyed last year's A Show Palace Christmas Spectacular, you will probably love this year's version. They're very much alike. In fact, the last half of the two-hour show is a duplicate of last year's, only with a few different singers and dancers.

  6. Stage planner: 'Into the Woods,' Havana Cuba All-Stars, an AIDS memorial



    As a singer in the chorus at Tampa's Blake High, Bonne Kramer performed at what is now the Straz Center. Kramer went on to graduate magna cum laude from the University of Tampa's musical theater program in 2003 and has been a working actor ever since. She returns to the …

  7. 'Hamilton' actor on the cast's speech for Pence: 'There's nothing to apologize for' (w/ video)


    The "Hamilton" actor who delivered the Broadway show's viral message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence after a performance Friday said there is "nothing to apologize for" in response to President-elect Donald Trump's many tweets demanding one from what he deemed a "very rude" cast of an "overrated" show.

  8. Stage Planner: iLuminate breaks it down at the Straz, orchestra salutes Gilbert and Sullivan



    Most high schools didn't offer break dancing instruction in the early 2000s. Kids hungry to learn couldn't get help at dance studios or the local rec center either.

  9. Neil deGrasse Tyson is in town. Here are 3 ways to celebrate your universe.


    I was driving back from a weekend in Orlando on Sunday while the "supermoon" hung like a fluorescent wheel of cheese outside the car window. Sailing down I-4 at night turned out to be a pretty spectacular way to soak in the astronomical event, the moon being closer to Earth than it had been in nearly 69 years.

  10. Interview: Neil deGrasse Tyson says Comic-Con gives him hope and Florida will be under water


    Pop culture-savvy astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has used wit and an encyclopedic handle on what humans know about the universe to spark the public's interest in science.